ANURAK” in Thai means The one who cares and conserves.

ANURAK STUDIO is an online concept store based in Amsterdam and was founded by Tatchatrin Choeychom. Our goal is to promote and conserve Eastern Asian craftsmanship by making it available for people in other parts of the world. Old skills combined with contemporary design, our items are unique, some of them have been produced exclusively for our online concept store.

At ANURAK STUDIO, skilled independent craftsmen and designers have created a variety of objects for daily use. We do not only want our products to be beautiful, but we also want them to be used. Our products are handmade, sustainable, and often have a strong connection with nature. Simplicity and beauty by reinventing age-old techniques, ANURAK STUDIO wants to provide both a beautiful and functional alternative in an eco-friendly way.

We respect the life and environment that surrounds us, we are continually reviewing our manufacturing process and sustainable practices to reduce any negative impact on the environment. 

At ANURAK STUDIO we have chosen to be cruelty-free and not tested on animals in our skincare and interior fragrance. We only use natural materials that do not contain animal products, neither animal tested, plus we only work with like-minded partners who like us, belief in a cruelty-free world.

We are committed to sourcing safe and effective ingredients that have undergone extensive cruelty-free safety testing. We believe our product range remains of high quality without being harmful to animals. We select our materials and products carefully. Our goal is to surprise you each time with our discoveries.     


Our woodworks are made to order, and take 6-8 weeks to manufacture and deliver.


For orders over €50 in The Netherlands.